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Ten Questions with Mick Hurst

1. How did you become a sports fanatic?

My old man was a mad Dragons supporter, and my uncles were avid cricket lovers, so my brothers and I picked it up from a young age. Watching sport is my favourite sport. 2. What’s your favourite team?

I’m a Dragons tragic, picked it up from my old man. The single most frustrating team to support, but what can you do? 3. Do you have any sports stars/teams/influencers/podcasts who you follow on social media?

I’m not a social media guy, so not really. 4. How did you approach commentating (on Hyjack.TV and elsewhere)? What advice would you have for someone giving commentating a go?

We decided early that we weren’t commentators, so we wouldn’t try to be. We’re two mates that watch sport together and have those kind of conversations anyway, so we decided to approach it from that direction and try to channel our inner Roy & HG. We want to have a laugh when watching sport, so we assume everyone else does too. 5. Do you prefer to commentate independently or with a co-host?

Definitely with a partner. I work best with someone to bounce off and collaborate with, and would struggle without that interaction. 6. Who are your favourite sports commentators?

I don’t have one. Commentators often frustrate and annoy me, which is why Hyjack is such a brilliant concept. I look forward to the day when I have a wide range of choices to listen to as I watch, and that day isn’t far away thank goodness. 7. What do you think makes a good commentator?

There’s two ways to approach that question. A good commentator is someone that compliments the game and the watching experience with subtlety, a feel for the game and fresh insight. But what I want from a commentator is humour mixed in with that. Too many commentators come from a negative point of view and are too opinionated, a commentator should be neutral and have a feel for the game. That’s why we aren’t commentators, too opinionated and too focused on having a laugh. 8. What interested you about Hyjack.TV?

The opportunity to disrupt the tyranny of sports broadcasting. I love the concept of finding someone who fills my needs for my watching experience. Like many, we used to turn the volume down on the tv and tune in to Roy and HG when we could, and that’s what I’m looking for with Hyjack. Plus it will give the opportunity for the next generation of commentators to find their feet and find a following. 9. Name three things you enjoyed about your Hyjacking experience?

It was a lot of fun! Just like watching it at the pub with mates, which is what many of us are missing in the current circumstances. It was a completely different experience to have to challenge ourselves to keep up with what was happening during the game while getting caught up in what we were talking about, and I really enjoyed that aspect. And hearing from mates that listened to it and enjoyed it was immensely satisfying and rewarding. We’ll definitely do it again! 10. And finally - something a little weird and wonderful - tell us something about sport that's true that almost nobody agrees with you on.

That’s an easy one. The Dragons are clearly the best team in the NRL, but for some reason no one else sees that. You heard it here first: the Dragons can win the comp this year and start a dynasty that will be forever remembered!!

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10 Questions: Hyjack.TV

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