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Ten Questions with Cody Dobbs

1. How did you become a sports fanatic? I was born 5 minutes walk from Leichhardt Oval. I was destined (sentenced?) to be a Tigers fan. 2. What’s your favourite team? Tigers of the NRL, still can’t bring myself to say the “W” part since the merger, followed closely by whichever team I’m betting on. 3. Do you have any sports stars/teams/influencers/podcasts who you follow on social media? I listen to Bill Simmons and Dave Portnoy/Barstool Sports for my US sports fix. The Rugby League Digest is an amazing history-centric look at the greatest game of all.

I’m a big Boxing and MMA fan so Showtimes Boxing and Morning Kombat podcasts are fight week essentials. For Australian Boxing “The Unofficial Scorecard” and “Punchers Chance” are a fun listen. About 6 - 8 various pro wrestling podcasts a week too. Can you believe I’m single?!

4. How did you approach commentating (on Hyjack.TV and elsewhere)? What advice would you have for someone giving commentating a go? I decided that if I’m going to commentate I have to bring something to the table other than being a low rent Ray Warren or a bloated Bruce McAveney.

So I commentate based solely on the perspective of what bets I’ve made on the game and how what’s transpiring in the game affects those bets. If you’re only offering a lesser version of what’s already out there, what’s the point? 5. Do you prefer to commentate independently or with a co-host?

I’m dying for a co-host. The pandemic hasn’t helped matters and my “girlfriend” charges by the hour. The search continues.

6. Who are your favourite sports commentators? Jim Lampley, Jim Ross, Al Bernstein, Jon Anik, Marv Albert, Bruce McAveny. Andrew Voss used to be great before he became PAINFULLY self aware. With talk of Channel 7 taking over the NRL rights the prospect of McAveny commentating Origin would be something speeeeecial.

7. What do you think makes a good commentator? Call what’s in-front of you, off the dome is a must. 8. What interested you about Hyjack.TV? Freedom to express myself and interact with other sports fans/degenerate gamblers. 9. Name three things you enjoyed about your Hyjacking experience? Being asked to come aboard on the ground floor, receiving positive feedback from listeners and having a platform to admonish Stephen Davy for his HORRENDOUS AFL betting advice. 10. And finally - something a little weird and wonderful - tell us something about sport that's true that almost nobody agrees with you on. Almost all of your sporting heroes are sociopaths.

Let us know where our listeners can find you:

Instagram: @dobbscody

Twitter: @bigdawgdobbs

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